diy silhouettes 

The blank wall behind the sectional in our playroom has been crying out for a gallery wall. While not quite a gallery yet, these easy diy silhouettes of the girls were a start.

  • Black card stock
  • 8″ x 11″ patterned paper


1) Photograph your subjects in profile–this is the trickiest part!

2) I imported my images into Photoshop and smoothed out the profiles, but if you don’t have Photoshop, you could do this by hand.

3) I printed my images and pasted them behind the black card stock using a glue stick, then I cut out the images from the card stock and pasted them onto the patterned paper.

4) Add a pretty label and frame!


faux roman shades, part 2

I finally have gotten around to posting “part 2” of my first attempt at faux Roman shades. Here’s what I’ve learned: Measure twice, cut once. Really. I thought my measurements were accurate, but after hemming and pinning and holding up to the window frame, I realized I had to take in another inch from the edges and my pins weren’t even. Which brings me to lesson #2: Don’t drink and DIY, at least not when even measurements are needed!

Once the hems and pinning were complete, I enlisted the help of the hubby to drill holes into the wall and add brackets to the shade. This could be a one-person job in a pinch, but it was helpful to have two people to make sure the shade was hung evenly.


And here it is hanging up…it’s not perfect. I’ll still need to adjust the pins in a few spots, but it’s up. Now I just need to make its mate…but that’s for another day.

organized entry way

With four people in less than 1,000 square feet (and only two closets), organization is a must. We’re also lacking a formal entry way, so we created an organization wall in our kitchen. Next step: Training the kiddos and hubby to actually hang up their bags when they come home!


To create the organization wall, we used Ikea Bjarnum folding hooks (one for each family member), a stainless steel magnetic strip to display the girls’ artwork, and Pottery Barn’s modular Daily System calendar, for keeping track of appointments and classes, and office organizer, for corralling keys, sunglasses and out-going mail.


On the opposite wall, a clipboard mounted to the wall with Velcro strips (so it can be easily removed as needed) holds permission slips, school notices and other important documents for the upcoming week. An Ikea Limhamn stainless steel shelf holds our charging station and radio (I must have music on when cooking!).

succulent box garden

This distressed wood box that formerly housed an assortment of herbal teas from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (purchased at Costco) was too cute to not re-purpose. Here’s my (quick!) take on a succulent box garden, which are super-popular for their looks and ease to maintain. Because I’m planning to keep mine on a table top, I skipped the wire grid you’d use for a wall-mounted garden.



  • Wood box
  • Drill
  • Cinders
  • Soil
  • Succulents


Directions: Drill small holes in the bottom of box for drainage.IMG_0569[1]

Add a layer of cinders to the bottom of the box. IMG_0571[1]

Add variety succulents (I placed mine randomly, but you could create a design using different varieties). I may try to squeeze in one or two more plants, or just wait until these grow a bit more. Top with additional soil as needed. Water and set in sunny spot. Ta da!IMG_0572[1]